Whilst Jim Ghedi’s previous idiosyncratic take on folk has often been instrumental, exploring the natural world and his relationship to it through his music, as seen on 2018’s A Hymn For Ancient Land. His new album In The Furrow Of Common Place is a deeper plunge inside himself to offer up more of his voice to accompany his profoundly unique and moving compositions.

The decision to include more of his vocals was a conscious one and driven by a need to say something. However, this isn’t a brash raging political polemic. As is now customary with Ghedi’s work, it is rich in nuance, history, poetry and allegory. Musically, the album is equally locked into this ongoing sense of evolution. Ghedi’s intricate yet deft guitar playing still twists and flows its way through the core, weaving in and out of gliding double bass, sweeping violin, gentle percussion and vocals that shift from tender solos to overlapping harmonies.

For all the socio-political and historical backdrop to the record it is not one that feels overwhelmed by it. Much like Ghedi’s work when it was largely instrumental – and some of it still is here – it flows and unfurls thoughtfully, with space still being utilised masterfully, creating room to pause and reflect. It’s another inimitable record from an artist that truly sounds like nobody else right now.

“a chastening meditation on Britain in 2021”   Uncut

“Jim Ghedi finds his voice on his new album... Superb”  ★★★★★ The Morning Star

“a starkly beautiful set.... the ancient and the modern combine evocatively and with grace”  ★★★★ The Times

Release date 22nd January 2021

LP jacket heavyweight linen grain
Picture inner sleeve with song notes
Lyric insert
180gm black vinyl
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