Crackled radio-like transmissions from Norway’s rural hinterland. Juni Habel’s fragile finger-picked lullabies warm themselves by the open fire with her rich intimate voice atop twinkling arrangements and strange percussive instrumentation. Like glowing embers in the dark, these songs are odes to life and death, the beauty of belonging and human kinship with nature.

“Right on cue for the dark days of winter comes this pensive, intimate album, conceived and recorded in the south Norwegian countryside..... That the album’s jazz-tinged brand of folk could as easily have come from the 1970s as the present day is no criticism. An affecting, timeless piece of work from a writer on song.”   The Observer

“there's also an underlying folk wildness, a sense of antique sheet music rustled by strong winds, muddy boots on piano pedals”  ★★★★ MOJO

“Carvings is a captivating musical and poetic experience, a fearless conception that is thoroughly contemporary while almost traditional in its authenticity of expression and directness of communication.”   Folk Radio

Release date 13th January 2023

180gm Heavyweight Black Vinyl

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